Welcome to Park Fisheries

With a passion for Carp Fishing and the Countryside we aim to provide superb fishing in stunning surroundings.

Quality estate lake fishing, a place away from crowded waters governed by sensible rules.

About Us

Park Fisheries, a passion for Carp Angling and the Countryside.

A lot of effort has gone into providing carp anglers with a memorable fishing experience in idyllic surroundings. The Great Lake is a special venue and one that we love to fish ourselves. We want to maintain the beauty of the lake and the quality of the fishing, this means you will find the banks uncrowded and will experience a quiet, relaxed and secure environment whilst fishing. Our aim is to have a syndicate of like minded competent and experienced anglers who just love Carp angling, treasure both the fish and their environment and who at the same time behave with respect and friendliness towards other anglers. 

The Great Lake

The Great Lake was first dug back in 1971 for various countryside and leisure sports. The lake lay ignored for many years before I was privelidged to have the opportunity to take over the management of it, set up Park Fisheries and the Great Lake Syndicate.

The now matured lake provides some fantastic fishing from spacious swims complimented by a woodland path access.


Forward Thinking

Our fish are everything to us which is why we provide the ultimate in care and feeds.

Carp Company Bait Range

Full range of Baits available on the bankside.

Carp Care is Paramount.

Carp Care is paramount which is why anglers may only use our complete carp care kits

Fish Feeds

We suppliment our fish’s diet by regularly feeding them friendly fish feeds from BP Milling.

Our Fish

A great selection of stunning fish from quality fish farmers.

The lake held a large stock of original sussex wildies with a few pretty little leneys when I took over the management of it. All the wildies have now been removed to make way for some quality stunning carp from VS Fisheries, Andy Parker and Mayfly Aquacare.



Andy Parker

Simply stunning scalety carp

Mayfly Aquacare

Longreed strain common carp 

Stunning Common Carp

The lake holds some rather special Common Carp.

Governed by sensible rules


Apply for Membership

Due to high demand, a waiting list is currently in place.

Syndicate Membership on The Great Lake runs for a full 12 months from the date of joining 

The current cost of membership is £475 per annum with a £50 entrance fee. 

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

We will keep your application on file

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